Hallelujah, cancer survivors, if you’ve been suffering from “chemo brain” there’s new evidence that it isn’t “all in your head.” The results of a recent study, concluded that chemotherapy may cause “neurotoxic brain injury,” resulting in that muddled, foggy and forgetful state of mind that many cancer survivors have complained about. The same study stated […]

There will be times when it’s not advisable to exercise.  The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and  the American Cancer Society (ACS) have developed guidelines to help you determine if you should stretch instead of participating in more vigorous activity. Don’t use these as an excuse NOT to exercise, just use common sense. Stop […]

Peripheral neuropathy may occur during or after treatment for cancer. The numbness and pain from the damaged nerves can affect your balance and coordination making exercise more challenging. If your symptoms are severe, consult with your oncology team to determine if a referral to a physical therapist would be your first step in becoming more active.  […]

Successful businesses have a business plan.  In order to  success in adding exercise to your life, you will need an exercise plan.   I know, sitting down to write a plan may appear as insurmountable as beginning to exercise, but it’s important. 1 – Set a Goal Do you want to have more energy,  play with your grandchildren, garden,  prevent a […]

  First, check with your oncology team and then begin slowly.  Even if you were active before your diagnosis and treatment, begin slowly.  Start with light weights, 8-12 repetitions with  one set of each exercise to cover the major muscle groups. But, before I go any further, perhaps I should define some terms for you. Reps – […]

Remember the dialogue in “Good Morning Vietnam” about the heat? It’s so hot they’re “crotch pot cooking? If you’ve  experienced the heat in the US recently that movie line may have come to mind once or twice. As a cancer survivor, hydration becomes a critical issue. When you’re adequately hydrated the urinary tract remains healthy, moving […]

David Haas has shared with me his perspective on the Benefits of Fitness When Dealing With Cancer.  You can view his comments at: http://haasblaag.blogspot.com/ Exercise has long been proven to be an important health component. It builds strength, endurance and helps to regulate appetite, sleep and mood. According to the National Cancer Institute, those who […]