Chemo Brain

Hallelujah, cancer survivors, if you’ve been suffering from “chemo brain” there’s new evidence that it isn’t “all in your head.” The results of a recent study, concluded that chemotherapy may cause “neurotoxic brain injury,” resulting in that muddled, foggy and forgetful state of mind that many cancer survivors have complained about. The same study stated that “chemo brain” may continue for up to five or more years after treatment.
Karen L. Syrjala, co-director of the Survivorship Program at Fred Hutchinson, stated “It’s clearly established now that chemo brain does exist and can continue long-term.” She also stated that information processing, multitasking and executive function skills all seemed to recover within five years.

Here’s a link to Well.blogs.nytimes written by Tara Parker-Poe if you’re interested in reading more.
This is a link to a summary of the study.


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