Oncology Nursing Society Newsletter reported results of a study showing benefits to patients who participated in “rehabilitation” weeks prior to their surgery.  Super news! Oncology Nursing Society News Today Prehabilitation Before Surgery May Aid Recovery January 27, 2015 Patients are often told to follow a rehabilitation program after surgery, but a new study reported in Anesthesiology has […]

It’s a fact of life, hospital stays may be necessary during your treatment, and, yes, you can exercise while in the hospital.  Walking the floor, body weight movements and possibly strengthening with tubing or bands are some of the exercises you’ll be able to do.  If you have a port,  no strengthening with bands or tubing on that side.  Isometric strengthening should […]

Not sure what level of exercise intensity you should do? According to the ACSM Guide to Exercise Testing and Prescription, 6th Ed., 2000 these are the guidelines: If your purpose is to train to promote fitness – High Intensity Exercise 30 to 45 minutes 3 to 5 days per week. Training Heart Rate: 70% – 90% […]

Doing seated exercise does NOT mean you’re being wimpy.  A 150 minutes a week of movement can appear daunting, but it’s not impossible. If you’re experiencing fatigue, neuropathy or your balance is a bit iffy, chair exercise is the way to go.  For these exercises you’ll need water (always), light weights or a couple of bags of dried […]

Physical fitness is a matter of movement.  Healthy individuals take for granted the simplest of movements, while people who are ill can find the most basic activities overwhelming. Lack of movement causes weakness, a breakdown in muscular strength, and poor functioning of vital organs.  Regular physical activity, during and after treatment, will help to maintain […]

Spring has rapidly changed into summer, the days are getting longer and the urge to spend more time outdoors has hit.   You know you must apply sunscreen, you think you know what all the numbers and letters on the bottle mean, but do you really? Broad Spectrum – Originally products labeled as such gave protection […]

It’s hard to imagine, you’re in treatment for cancer, you’re fatigued. So fatigued that sleep doesn’t help, and, you’re told that if you go take a 15 minute walk you’ll feel better. Sure. And what planet are they from? But, it’s true, moderate exercise can help to combat the fatigue you’re experiencing. The first thing […]